National Preparedness Month Week Four: Get Involved In Your Community’s Preparedness

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Submitted by mtrost on 8/30/2019, 2:36PM.

You and your family can help your community plan for and recover after a disaster.

  • Get to know your neighbors, in case of emergency.  Neighbors are often immediate support following a disaster.
  • Learn a life safety skill and know what to do when someone is hurt by taking a CPR and first aid class
  • Learn what to do in emergency situations before professional help arrives with “You Are the Help Until Help Arrives.” Taking these basic actions can help you to help yourself and your neighbors during a disaster.
  • Every community has voluntary organizations that work during disasters – visit National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and see what organizations are active in your community.
  • Find a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, online, and train to help your community in disasters by learning response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue and disaster medical operations.
  • Young people ages 18-24 can participate in FEMA Corps, a 10-month commitment focused on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery activities. FEMA Corps members can work directly with disaster survivors, support disaster recovery centers, and share valuable disaster preparedness information with the public.