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Storage Facility Request for State of Colorado

The State of Colorado is in need of additional storage space to assist in the storing of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). CEPP is distributing this request in hopes that some of its members may be able to assist. Please complete the form using the link below. You may contact Jessica D. Sanchez, MCM Distribution Coordinator at for more details about the request. Please forward this information to anyone else who may be able to assist. 

DHSEM Update: State Recovery Officer Jim Raymond: Initial Guidance on Colorado Recovery from COVID-19

State Recovery Task Force Action Items 

State Recovery Officer Jim Raymond provides initial guidance on Colorado recovery from COVID-19. He shares information on action items.

Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will take time and the environment is changing rapidly.Still there are actions you can take to begin your short-term recovery right now. The State Recovery Task Force has a list of action items to begin your community’s recovery process.

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Business Response & Recovery Resources

COVID-19’s impact on Colorado has been widespread and its effects on our business community have been particularly profound. The following resources are provided to increase your situational awareness and ensure you have the most accurate information to develop your business strategies.