Warehouse Staff Needed for State EOC Warehouse

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The State of Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is looking for a warehouse staff through a contract agency or private business to assist at the State Warehouse.

Basic requirements include:

  1. Group Leader manages the team based on the directives given by the warehouse manager or assistant warehouse manager. 
  2. Two individuals are capable of operating pallet jacks.  Experience in loading and unloading trucks and moving pallets in and around the warehouse. 
  3. Two individuals capable of packing pallets, wrapping pallets and preparing for distribution. 

The ideal contracting agency will manage all personnel and will invoice the State of Colorado-based on each employee’s rate, time in the warehouse.  Timesheets will be signed off on weekly by the State warehouse manager.  Invoices by the contracting company will be submitted bi-monthly.  The crew will need to plan to work 8:00- 5:00 with the understanding some after hours may occur based on trucks arriving at the warehouse. 

Other duties will include sweeping, cleaning and inventory of warehouse as requested by the Warehouse Manager. 

All personnel will need to complete a background check prior to being contracted with the State of Colorado. 

Please submit a proposal by Friday, August 7.  Immediate need by the State of Colorado.

Please send direct quotes of service to
          Marci Linton
          For questions please contact Marci at 720-377-4644

Feel free to forward this information to anyone else who may be able to assist. If you were forwarded this email, you can sign-up for these emails directly hereAnd visit www.thecepp.org to find links to many other resources to assist you with developing your New Normal response plan.

Thank you,
Eugene Wade | Executive Director
Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership
(720) 588-8160 | www.thecepp.org