FAQs for Businesses

Business EOC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain authorization or credentials to take my company’s equipment/people into the area affected by the emergency?

Answer: Local jurisdictions determine who many enter an area, and when they may do so. Contacts for local emergency management agencies is available at http://www.coemergency.com/p/local-info-sources.html

Can the State Emergency Operations Center help my company gain access to our business site in the area affected by the emergency?

Answer: Entry/re-entry requirements for community members and businesses are set by local agencies. Contacts for local emergency management agencies are available at http://www.coemergency.com/p/local-info-sources.html

Is there a statewide permit system my company can use to access our facilities in multiple locations impacted by the emergency?

Answer: Political subdivisions (counties and municipalities) determine when community members and businesses are allowed into areas. Colorado does not have a statewide permit system for such situations.

Where can I find information about road closures?

Answer: Information about roads can be found at http://cotrip.org/map.htm#/roadConditions or by calling 511. Road conditions in neighboring states can be found at these links:


Will the weather impact my business response and recovery efforts?

Answer: Forecast information is covered by four National Weather Service Offices, three based in Colorado, and one in Kansas that covers a small portion of the eastern plains.


My company has the equipment you can use during an emergency. How can I provide it to you?

Answer: Register your equipment at https://co-assist.state.co.us/. When the State EOC receives requests, we check for potential vendors at this site. Ensure you provide complete information, including a 24-hour contact.

My company can move equipment and people more quickly if we have a seat in the State EOC to help coordinate. How do we reserve a space?

Answer: The State EOC seating is extremely limited. State agencies and a small number of non-profit organizations use the space to coordinate overarching response and recovery efforts. Register your company at https://co-assist.state.co.us/ so State EOC staff contact you when a need is identified.

My equipment/product/service is ideal for emergencies. Can I come to the State EOC to demonstrate it?

Answer: Each disaster is unique, as are the requests the State EOC receives from local agencies. Registration at https://co-assist.state.co.us/ is best way to ensure the State EOC can contact you when a need arises.

I have products/services to sell to the state for emergency use. Who can I talk to?

Answer: The Office of the State Controller has extensive information about doing business with the state at https://www.colorado.gov/osc/access. You will also want to ensure you have registered at https://co-assist.state.co.us/ so the State EOC can quickly contact your business when a need is identified.

Where do I find current information about the emergency?

Answer: Information about the state response is posted at http://www.coemergency.com/ regularly. You may also want to follow our social media feeds on Twitter or Facebook.  Local agencies may also post updates through their website or social media accounts.

My company’s a product/service hasn’t been requested yet but is always needed in an emergency. Where can I find directions to the emergency site?

Answer: Emergency responders need space to work, and are extremely busy. They request equipment/products/services when a need arises. For everyone’s safety, all others are encouraged to stay in a safe location away from the emergency until requested. Register at https://co-assist.state.co.us/ to ensure the State EOC can contact you quickly when a need is identified.